Christine Hennes, IBCLC

If you really want to breastfeed, I know I can help you.

I have the experience, intuition and knowledge to assist you through challenging situations.

Breastfeeding my daughter long-term truly inspired me to want to give other women the skills and confidence to breastfeed their babies.

My journey began in 1989 teaching childbirth classes. During the postpartum class, I listened to how women had more difficulty with breastfeeding than giving birth. This inspired me to go back to school and in 1999, I became a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). That year I was assisting new mothers with bedside one-on-one breastfeeding care. I came to realize that many women were leaving the hospital in need of more help. Serenity Breastfeeding was created to provide the continued assistance most women desire.

My combined experience in both hospital and private practice, has allowed me to help over 15,000 women reach their personal goals. I am confident that with guided instruction and caring support, you can have a wonderful experience feeding your baby.


  • Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), UCSD graduate
  • Certified Childbirth Educator (CCE), UCSD graduate
  • Clinical Coach–Preceptor for lactation consultant students enrolled in the UCSD program
  • Member of International Lactation Consultation Association (ILCA)
  • Member of United States Lactation Consultation Association (USLCA)
  • Member of San Diego Breastfeeding Coalition




Your Consultation

Private lactation support in the comfort of your home, serving the San Diego area

Why call?

  • You want the best possible breastfeeding experience
  • For confidence, good skills and techniques
  • To prevent or improve :
    • Nipple pain and latch difficulty
    • Infant weight gain concerns
    • Milk supply issues

What happens during a visit?

  • Pre and post feeding weights using baby scale
  • Assessment of mom & baby
  • Complete breastfeeding session
  • Skill Instruction & technique practice
  • Care plan provided
  • Report sent to baby’s doctor
  • Superbill provided for insurance reimbursement


  • Visit fee: $195.00
  • Packages available:
    •   2 visits: $370.00
    •   3 visits: $535.00
  • All forms of payment accepted



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